[Chris went for a stream of consciousness approach, hence the change from our Q&A format of our other interviews]

Chris J.
28 Years Old
Volleyball Coach (Assistant Coach to the USA Volleyball Olympic Team at the 2012 Bejing Games) / Sr. Financial Analyst for Allianz

I have played every sport imaginable, most notably volleyball at the highest levels.  I jumped into CrossFit really because I wanted to switch up my workouts and get back into Olympic lifting, something I hadn’t done since I stopped playing volleyball. The idea of getting cardio, muscle confusion, and olympic lifting into one workout was enough for me to commit to a year of it on the spot, not even trying out a class. I knew from the first workout I was in for a treat, and by treat, I mean an absolute “kick in the teeth wanna throw up and quit”. I loved it. I was hooked. From not being able to finish the first workout and doing an 11:00 Fran the first month to doing a 3:54 by the end of the first year, adding 12 lbs of muscle and dropping 5% bodyfat, I’d say I’m more than pleased and excited about my progress with Crossfit Fortius.

All of that is great, but really it’s become truly an addition to my family and friends at Fortius. Everyone has pushed me and cheered me on along the way, from exceptional coaches to exceptional athletes, I’ve learned so much from each coach and member. I think the biggest misconception with CrossFit is that you’re going to get injured by doing it, guaranteed. So not true, sure you can get injured, just as you can get injured at any gym, work, playing a sport, anywhere, but the right training and technique needs to be learned to lower the risk of it.

At Fortius, I’ve always felt they take the time to teach you proper technique and cater to your level of understanding with the movements. Favorite movement would be anything squat related, and least favorite would be wall balls, easy. My advice for those newbies starting CrossFit is to give it time, you’ll get there. It’s overwhelming seeing others who have been doing it longer or have more experience with the movements and you feel the competitiveness to want to keep up, don’t, you’ll get injured, take your time you’ll get there sooner than you think. I want to compete, a lot. I want to get even stronger, squat double my body weight and lower all my benchmark CrossFit times.