CrossFit Competitor Program

The Fortius CrossFit Competitor Program is designed to prepare athletes looking to compete at a high level in local, Regional, and Games-level CrossFit competitions.  The CrossFit Competition classes are held 5 times a week and are 2 hour classes.

Past Results

Although still a young CrossFit gym (under 5 years old) we have produced an individual Regional athlete in 2013 and 2015, and a Regionals team in 2016 in the highly competitive California Super Regionals division.

What is involved in the CrossFit competitor program?

Training specific to high performance in Competitive CrossFit.  Lots of volume, training multiple systems (anaerobic/aerobic/muscle endurance/speed/power/absolute strength/etc.).

This training is not just for the elite, it is designed to build the capacity to effectively complete Open, Regional, and eventually Games-level workouts.  However, ensure you have the time in your schedule to complete these long workouts and be able to work on recovery and proper nutrition – because as with any high intensity sport, this training will test your body on multiple levels.

Who can participate in the CrossFit competitor program?

We strongly recommend that you are able to consistently perform our CrossFit class workouts at Level 3, and at least some at Level 4.  Please note that we must look after your safety, so if we see the volume taking a toll or if you’re unable to perform most of the movements in the comp class – we may have to ask you to take a little more time in our regular CrossFit classes at Level 3 and 4 to build the requisite skills in order to get the full benefit of the comp class.  We must always first look out for your safety and long-term goals.

Be honest with yourself about your abilities. Everyone has to put in their dues, so if you find you are unable to complete skills/movements of the comp program, take time to put in work in the CrossFit classes to build that foundation before tackling the competitor workouts.

Not sure if you’re at the level to participate? Just ask a coach!

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What are the expectations of the athletes taking the competitor classes?

This is a fast paced class, where you are expected to know all the movements ahead of time.  While we will be coaching these classes, and going over the higher level movements and skill work, there will not be much time to go over common CrossFit skills (including scaling, modifying, etc.).  While you are welcome to scale and modify, please be sure to know how to do so already.

Why not have a tryout or specific standards for the CrossFit Competitors Program?

A CrossFit competitor program does not have to be exclusive to be effective.  We want to allow anyone willing to put in the work the opportunity to get CrossFit competition training.  Just because there may be someone in the class that may never make a Regionals team or podium at a competition, doesn’t mean they detract from others that will, nor does it detract from the effectiveness or quality of the CrossFit competitors program. On the contrary, their positive attitude and willingness to work to try and become competitive is part of building the type of positive training environment that breeds success.

Also, opening up the competitor class to a broader group allows for long-term development of future CrossFit competitors (as opposed to just training those already at a “Regionals” level).

Who is programming the workouts? What are their credentials? What’s the rationale/philosophy of this training?

Coach Jesse currently programs the Competitor Training.  He has been CrossFit programming for over 5 years, and programming for Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting for over a decade.  Jesse’s mentors and former coaches have included World-Renowned Coaches and Sports Scientists: Dr. Mel Siff (sports science), Artie Dreshler (Weightlifting), Dan Gaudreau (Powerlifting), Dan John (track and field), and David Miller (Weightlifting).  He has coached athletes in 4 different CrossFit Regionals (2012, 2013, 2015, 2016) and coached athletes at National Championships in Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting for over 10 years.

The philosophy of the competitor programming is based around the theories of training multi-event athletics where the events are either known or at least the range of movements/requirements is known (such as decathlon, hepthalon, and strongman).  Fortius CrossFit competitor programming is influenced by the writings of Dr. Siff and Dr. Verkhoshansky, (mostly Supertraining – particularly the development of training organization), Istvan Javorek (muscle endurance and complex training), Dan John (basically anything this guy has written about, but specifically upper body strength and development), the USATF manual and protocols on anaerobic and aerobic training, Westside barbell and Louie Simmons (all things Powerlifting – specifically conjugate training and accommodating resistance), Dr. Vorobyev (A Textbook on Weightlifting – specifically accessory work for the Olympic Lifts and general muscular development), and David Miller (all things Weightlifting).

Anything else?

Yes.  We have seen competitor classes/programs destroy other CrossFit gyms, literally lead to their demise.  Especially where the competitor athletes are given priority and even “run” of the gym.

While our athletes in the competitor program are very important, they are not any more important than any other member of the gym nor given any priority over equipment, coaching, or resources.  You are expected to respect your fellow Fortius member, no matter the skill level or goals, as they are expected to respect you.  Train for big things, make your goals high, take your preparation and training seriously – but keep things in perspective.  At the end of the day this is exercise – it should be fun, it should be engaging, it should be positive – no matter what the level.