Over 250 athletes have seen marked improvement in their Weightlifting technique from training programs designed by Coach Miller over the past 20 years. He designs the weightlifting programs posted each week on our website, while supervising hundreds of others. If you have any questions about custom Crossfit training programming for your specific goals, don’t hesitate to drop him an email at

For those athletes who’ve moved beyond beginner and want a custom approach to their CrossFit and weightlifting training, we offer a custom plan, semi-custom and self-directed types of CrossFit programming. The Custom Plans are authored by Coach Miller or Coach Malcomb and can be for any sport! The Semi-Custom are Weightlifting only programs written by one of our Fortius coaches. These CrossFit workout programs are FREE and supervised by Coach Miller. The Self-Directed program is also FREE and directed by Coach Miller or Malcomb. Most all of our coaches here at Fortius follow a self-directed program to improve their skill and technique!

Custom Programming
CrossFit, Powerlifting or Strength/Olympic Weightlifting


  • Full 12-Week (3 month) Cycle for $285

Sports Performance
Monthly Olympic Lifting Membership + Strength Program


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