Getting kids moving early and having fun is our main goal. Improving balance, coordination and developing some strength training is our secondary objective, all while providing a safe environment to play and explore.

Our objective with the Fortius kids/teen fitness program in San Diego is to improve gross motor development through a variety of engaging and exciting activities, beginning with foundational gross motor activities including locomotor skills, balance, strength and bilateral coordination. Our end goal is to establish solid foundational movement patterns at an early age in order to promote healthy lifestyles, decrease risk of injury and increasing quality of life. In everything we do with the Fortius Kids Fitness Program – as with all of our other programs here at Fortius – we are committed to moving safely and avoid injury.

The basic class structure in a Fortius Kids Fitness Class looks like:

  •         Group Warm-up: functional and foundational locomotor and bilateral coordination movements (for instance, hopscotch type jumping through an agility ladder).
  •         Strength: teaching proper form and technique of strength building movements with light dumbbells, kettle bells and trainer bars (weight is prescribed at coaches discretion, and since safety is of paramount concern, we never force children to lift more than their bodies can safely move).
  •         WOD: conditioning working that incorporates strength, cardio and bilateral coordination in constantly varied workouts.
  •         End Activity: working on group dynamics and community to promote turn-taking, sequencing and cooperative games.

Our Fortius Kids coaches have combined experience of 8 years of teaching gross motor movements and creating/modifying curriculum to meet chlidren’s unique needs, with specialty in assessing gross motor abilities of children ages 2-12

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We are also an official vendor for Julian Charter Schools, so students who attend Julian can earn credit for participating in our Fortius Kids Program. Ask a Fortius Staff member for details.

Fortius Kids Membership
Ages 5 – 18

$65/month (non-members)

  • $45 month (active members)
  • Start with a Free Week Pass for your child to try it out!
  • Discounts available for families (contact us for details)
  • Official Vendor for Julian Charter Schools (contact us for details)