We see health as harmony among your nutrition, activity and mindset. You are “healthy” to the degree that you optimize all of these 3 areas. This balance will look a little different for everyone, but contains these 3 common elements.

To help you realize your highest potential, we have partnered with a health coach who can help you reach your goals in all of these 3 areas.

What is a Health Coach?
A Health Coach is someone who helps you reach your health goals by working with you to create and maintain healthy lifestyle changes. The key to living your healthiest life lies in your daily habits. Our Transformational Health Coach Megan Mahle is certified to guide you in making the changes you’d most like to see in your life and health. She takes a holistic approach to helping you improve your diet, lifestyle and more!

What Does Working with a Health Coach Look Like?
To begin with, we recommend meeting with our health coach for a 30 minute free consultation to see if coaching is right for you. Our Health Coach will ask you questions about where you are currently in your health journey and where you’d like to go, focusing on changes you’d like to see in your diet and lifestyle. From there, you will decide together which direction is best for your goals!

What is the Investment for Health Coaching?
We offer several different Health Coaching packages for our members. Based on your initial consultation, you will work with the coach to decide which option is best for you.

Private Health Coaching Packages
1 Month Pre-Paid Upfront
(paid upfront only)
3 Month Pre-Paid Upfront
(payment plan option available)
6 Month Pre-Paid Upfront
(payment plan option available)
12 Month Pre-Paid Upfront
(payment plan option available)
Group Health Coaching Packages
4 Week Jumpstart
(paid upfront only)
8 Week Intensive
(payment plan option available)

What Information Do You Have About Nutrition?
We offer nutrition coaching, macro setting, meal planning and meal prep services. We hold seminars and workshops monthly, with several of these presentations focused on nutritional information. We also run group coaching programs focusing on the most frequently asked nutritional questions we receive. For specific inquiries or to get more information on our programs, please contact:

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