Brianna FrawleyPowerlifting Coach

    Brianna Frawley

    Powerlifting Coach

    Brianna has been involved with sports most of her life. Growing up on the baseball field with 3 brothers, she naturally played baseball and softball from a young age through High School. Brianna has always been drawn to helping others, nutrition and naturally being a San Diego native, getting outside to hike as often as possible.

    After years of pursuing yoga and bodybuilding, Brianna got involved with Powerlifting in 2013 in an effort to get away from aesthetic focused workouts and pursue a sport that is based on what her body was capable of accomplishing. It wasn’t long until she fell in love with the sport and the community that comes with USAPL/USPA Powerlifting.

    Brianna has a passion for helping others accomplish their goals and loves challenges that require her to think outside of the box. After being involved with numerous competitions and handling lifters, Brianna completed her USAPL Club Coach certification in hopes to help others become better athletes. Sign up for custom programming, remote coaching, or personal training today!

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