Courtney YezziCrossFit and Yoga Coach

    Courtney Yezzi

    CrossFit and Yoga Coach

    Courtney was born to teach and coach! She has been laughing singing and dancing since she can remember, as these are the things that make her happiest in life. Courtney has spent the majority of her years either in the woods, a gymnastics hall, a dance/yoga studio or a gym. She has been teaching movement/dance from the age of twelve when she was trusted with my first set of keys to a small local dance studio. She fell in love with what it felt like to walk into a silent room and flick on the lights to unlimited potential and hard work ahead.

    Yoga is large part of Courtney’s life, and she has now been a yoga teacher for eight years in San Diego and been privileged enough to take the seat of teaching others to become teachers. She found CrossFit four years ago and immediately fell in mad love. Courtney found that her yoga and meditation practice made it easy for her to stay focused and relaxed during long, taxing workouts. CrossFit was the element she had been missing. It is the yang to her yin!

    Two years ago Courtney went to a Local Weightlifting Competition to support some fellow lifters, it was then that she realized Olympic Weightlifting is concentrated meditation in itself. She put her focus on Weightlifting and had an absolute blast with it! Lifting heavy things is FUN!

    From Courtney, “Now I am blessed to coach at Fortius where I am surrounded by talented inspired athletes, friends and family. I am eager to learn as much as I can and share as much as I know. Please always feel free to jump in and stretch with me or ask me any questions you think I might have an answer to. If I don’t know the immediate answer, I will help seek it out and we can learn together!”

    Coaching Experience and Certifications

    Coaching Experience

    CrossFit: 2 years
    Yoga: 8 years


    CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

    USA Weightlifting (USAW) Sports Performance Coach (Level 1)

    Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT-500) with over 7 years experience.

    Coaching and Athletic Accomplishments

    Athletic Accomplishments

    • 2013 California State Games Weightlifting – Top 5, 75kg class
    • 2014 Fortius Halloween Weightlifting Invitational – 1st Place, 69kg class