Craig ZielinskiWeightlifting and Powerlifting Coach

    Craig Zielinski

    Weightlifting and Powerlifting Coach

    Craig Zielinski is known simply as “Z” by most. A long time computer technician, who gave it all up in the blink of an eye to pursue his goal of helping to troubleshoot the movement patterns and assist people in getting as strong as possible with a combination of semi-intelligible Scottish babble and movie quotes. He trains at Fortius alongside his wife and fellow coach Steph Gaudreau. He has been part of the CrossFit world since 2008 and picked up a fairly long list of certifications along the way. He looks forward to imparting everything he has ever learned to those he coaches and remember, if he’s frowning don’t worry. It’s just his face. Sign up for personal training today!

    Coaching Experience and Certifications


    • CrossFit Powerlifting
    • CrossFit Football
    • CrossFit Strongman
    • CrossFit Endurance
    • CrossFit Mobility
    • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
    • British Weightlifting Association Level 1
    • USAW Coach

    Coaching and Athletic Accomplishments

    Athletic Accomplishments

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