Garrett GeisbushWeightlifting Coach

    Garrett Geisbush

    Weightlifting Coach

    Garrett was first introduced to Weightlifting when he tried Crossfit in October of 2013. After a few months he grew to realize his passion for weightlifting, and thus began a search for the premier Weightlifting gym in San Diego in order to mold himself into a competitive Weightlifter. After some research, Garrett decided to take his weightlifting ambitions to Crossfit Fortius and began training under the watchful eyes of Coach Dave and Coach Jesse. Since joining the Fortius team in May of 2014, Garrett has competed regularly and has continued to improve as a weightlifter as well as a coach. Garrett’s main weightlifting goal for the future is to one day compete at an international level. Sign up for custom programming, remote coaching, or personal training today!

    Coaching Experience and Certifications

    Coaching Experience

    Weightlifting 2 years


    USA Weightlifting (USAW) Sports Performance Coach (Level 1)

    Athletic Accomplishments

    Athletic Accomplishments

    • 1st Place, 94kg class – 2016 Cal State Games
    • USAW Southern Pacific LWC 2015 Champion, 85kg class
    • USAW Southern Pacific LWC 2015 Best Male Lifter
    • 2015 Fortius Open Champion, 94kg class
    • 2015 USA Weightlifting American Open competitor
    • 2014 USAW University Nationals competitor