CrossFit Fortius Reviews

Our staff has nearly 70 years combined coaching experience ranging from coaching Elite Athletes to Special Olympians to the General Public. All in an effort to make healthier, stronger, and happier people!

While this experience is primarily in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting (Note that over 70% of CrossFit workouts contain an Olympic lifting movement), it includes creating stronger, faster, and better athletes for over several different sports including Track and Field, Skiing, Soccer, and CrossFit.

Here is what people have had to say about the instruction, coaching, and teaching they have received from our CrossFit coaches over the years:

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  • Very informative with a lot experience and expertise. Can’t wait to put my new found skills to the test…

    L.S. Santee, CA
  • Shout out to my strength coach coach Jesse Malcomb…through his coaching over the past 2 months I was able to PR on snatch and C&J yesterday, a combined 27# PR…

    I.J.M. Regionals CrossFit Competitor, Santtee, CA
  • Dave is your man if you are serious about lifting and doing it safely.  I have seen many CrossFitters that are trying to do the Olympic lifts with the injuries to show.  Dave may take a little time, but he will get you into it safely – without the blood & tears.  However, you will definitely put out some sweat!

    Mike Walters LMT, PTA, EM
  • “…I have met very few people that have the technical knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm that Coach Dave Miller does. He is a true professional and I am proud to call him my friend."

    Jim Hanlon USAW Senior WeightLifting Coach
  • I have known David for many years. We have both coached together and taught several USA Weightlifting certification courses. David is an excellent coach and teacher. Weightlifters and Crossfitters alike, both new and experienced, would benefit from his coaching expertise.

    Patrick Cullen-Carroll CSCS, USA International Coach
  • In addition to being a very experienced coach who has working with many top athletes, Dave Miller is one our most active coaching course instructors. No doubt those who visit his new facility will come away having learned things that will really improve their lifting…”

    Artie Dreshler USAW International Coach & Author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia
  • GREAT JOB Coach Jesse…Thank you for all your help and for being present in the gym and willing to help. Your coaching style is just right (specific, gentle, encouraging).

    B.W. San Diego, CA
  • Dave Miller has been in the lifting game for many years and is one of the best teachers/coaches of the Olympic lifts around…

    Leo Totten Head Coach East Coast Gold, USAW International Coach
  • Coach Jesse offers solid instruction with a thorough breakdown of mechanics in a comfortable learning environment…

    K.M. San Diego, CA
  • Coach Jesse’s knowledge of lifting and ability to present that knowledge to a large group greatly increased my lifting and coaching abilities…

    A.A. San Diego, CA