Athlete of the MonthDecember

Michael M.

Career: Marketing Director

Years at CrossFit Fortius: 4

"You’ll make progress and get better but it’ll never get easy."

35 (for 2 more weeks) / Marketing Director

When did you start at Fortius?
April 2016

Sports / Fitness background?
Soccer, Gaelic football (Ireland’s National Sport), cross country in high school

Why did you choose Fortius?
Tried a couple of gyms when I moved back to SD in 2016 after living in Sacramento temporarily and Fortius was the one I felt I fit in best at.

What kind of progress have you made over the past year?
Couple of PRs in 2019 mostly on in my squats / cleans. Daimino/ Jesse programming this year has really helped me make progress. Also was able to run my first ever half marathon in June which never would have been possible these days without the discipline of going to Fortius regularly.

What the biggest misconception about CrossFit?
That it’s unsafe. Have picked up less injuries in 4.5 years of doing Crossfit than I would in a month of playing even indoor/ pickup soccer.

Advice for someone looking to start CrossFit?
Don’t be discouraged after day 1. Or day 100 for that matter. You’ll make progress and get better but it’ll never get easy.

What’s next? What are your goals for the future?
My goal is  to stay consistent with coming to the gym. Life can be busy and it can be difficult to balance everything between work and everything else. The more consistent with I am the better everything else seems to be. Helps control stress levels so at the very least staying consistent with the gym is the baseline. Would love to do another half marathon in 2020 as well. The Rock & Roll 2019 was one of the best experiences of my life.

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