December 2019

Michael M.

"You’ll make progress and get better but it’ll never get easy."

Michael M.s success story

Age/Occupation: 35 (for 2 more weeks) / Marketing Director When did you start at Fortius? April 2016 Sports / Fitness background? Soccer, Gaelic football (Ireland’s National Sport), cross country in high school Why did you choose Fortius? T...

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November 2019

Jonathan N.

"The biggest progress I've experienced is being confident in what I can do..."

Jonathan N.s success story

Age/Occupation? 26, Technical Project Manager When did you start at Fortius? February 2018 Sports / Fitness background? I grew up playing tennis, first at a junior national level then at college. didn't start hitting the gym for strictly workin...

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October 2019

Shawn K.

"What I found was the both the members and the coaches were excited for me to start this journey."

Shawn K.s success story

Age/Occupation? 30, Civil Engineer When did you start at Fortius? February 2018 Sports / fitness background? My fitness background is somewhat limited. I was a swimmer in high school, but wasn’t very good. After high school, my physical activit...

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September 2019

Katie L.

"No matter what level you’re at, you’re guaranteed a good workout and new friends to suffer with"

Katie L.s success story

Age/Occupation? Katie, 34, Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department When did you start at Fortius? I joined Fortius back in May 2014 Sports / Fitness background? I started playing softball at age 4, which continued to be my favorite passion t...

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August 2019

Louise P.

I can do things I never thought I could do

Louise P.s success story

Age/Occupation? 48 / Cake designer and US Sales Rep for a Cake Magazine When did you start at Fortius? June 2018 Sports / Fitness Background? I played field hockey in High School, started to work out about 4 yrs ago but nothing ever stuck and was...

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July 2019

Jojo A.

Have fun! And don't forget to smile. The community is awesome. Life changing.

Jojo A.s success story

Name/Age/Occupation? Jojo / Old enough (lol) / Break-Dance Fighter, IT Professional, Prez of Jesse Malcomb/Miguel Sanchez fan club When did you start at Fortius? 2013 (6 Years Ago!) Sports / Fitness Background? Cross Country, track n field (400m...

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June 2019

Abby D.

Everything about my confidence, strength, endurance, and overall performance has significantly improved.

Abby D.s success story

Name/Age/Occupation? Abby, 33, Security Specialist When Did you Start at Fortius? May 2018 Sports/Fitness Background? I played some sports as a young kid but never considered myself athletic. I am a USMC veteran, which at times of course was phys...

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