Miguel Sanchez

CrossFit Coach / Gym & Sales Manager
Miguel Sanchez


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach
  • Underground Strength Certification


Coach Miguel went to school for sports therapy and rehab. With his degree and both the love for CrossFit methodology – he realized there was an opportunity to combine these loves in order to bring health and wellness to the people!

Growing up as a “problem child” (not on the discipline side, more so on the health side) Miguel was always sick, casts, surgeries, developing lower back scoliosis, limitations after limitations. CrossFit provided the platform to help him as an individual, and in turn help those around him.

Graduating from school allowed him to start by interning and working with professional athletes during their off season. Miguel’s goal at first was to continue or seek to continue working with professional athletes in the basketball world. But when he found CrossFit, he found a bigger purpose. Seeing many people experience this type of training for the first time, seeing them dealing with aches and pains that they never felt before, Miguel knew this was something that could help him achieve his goal of bringing health and wellness to the masses.

Thus, his attention then turned to helping the “everyday person” – people with families, people working a 9-5 cooped up in front of a desk, and people dealing with chronic pain. Miguel fell in love with helping people achieve their goals, getting stronger and getting out of pain. Having experienced a childhood of aliments and chronic pain and body issues, Miguel found he could emphasize and relate with his clients – and at the same time pushing the individual to become the best version of themselves through mental and physical reinforcement.

As far as his own sports experience goes – Miguel grew up playing youth basketball, and started working for his local Parks and Recreation Center during and after high school, eventually working as a youth coach. Miguel ended up coaching youth sports for over 5 years until 2015. He got his start coaching CrossFit/Weightlifting after receiving his Level 1 in 2014. Miguel eventually worked up to head coach and managed CrossFit Shield in the LA area, also coaching and managing their CrossFit competitor program. He now serves as Gym/Sales Manager of Fortius as well as one of the Senior coaches on the staff!

Coach Miguel offers several personal services as well, including massage therapy and rehab, personal training, and beginner CrossFit fundamentals courses. Visit his website for more details!

Coaching Experience

CrossFit: 7 years
Olympic Weightlifting: 4 Years
Youth Sports: 6 Years
Sports Massage Therapy: 8 years

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