CrossFit helps you become better at your Specific Sport

by Coach Miguel

Fill in the blank…

CrossFit has helped me become better at ___________

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

We’ve heard all of these sports and more over the past 9 years. CrossFit training improving sports ability not just physically but mentally too. Whether you are still practicing or no longer participating in your sport, CrossFit aids in that competitive nature. Many athletes use this style of training to complement their sport.  

Same goes to everyone who doesn’t play a sport, but seeks that accountability through community. That drive among peers to push and become better every time they step into the gym. 

This style of training provides numerous benefits. 

Intensity: Improving Strength and Endurance  

Functional fitness, constantly varied. Everyday has a mixture of movements that help create a challenge for the body. The body is meant to move, and the sport of CrossFit aids in multi joint exercises. Lifting weights, body weight movements, running, jumping, the list goes on. Without getting to “sciency” it’s Mixed with High Intensity, which improves maximum oxygen you can use during exercise.  

Helps Reduce Injury

Did we mention its Functional? Meaning it mirrors movements we do in real life. Varied movements such as squats, overhead presses, kettlebell swings, help improve flexibility, agility, overall balance. 


As you can see, the sport of CrossFit not only helps your specific sport, but it also helps with your everyday lifestyle, aids in getting you Stronger, faster, and overall healthier. 

See for yourself, try a Free Week and let us know if you see a difference in your performance in your sport!

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