Fortius and COVID-19



Gyms are obviously a place where bodily fluids are readily exchanged. We plan on continuing regular operations as this situation develops. As health, active adults, most of us at the gym are not at high risk of serious harm from the virus (just from what I’ve been told by medical professionals, not to be taken as medical advice, lol). However, we could unknowing spread it to someone that IS vulnerable. We have many people at the gym that work at hospitals and with populations that are very vulnerable to this virus, so we want to prevent the spread as much as possible.


Here are precautions we can all take to help mitigate the spread.


Gym Prevention:
  • We clean the gym every night with commercial disinfectant
  • While we do wipe down barbells, rower, bikes, and the rig on a regular basis – we are going to be even more vigilant about those cleanings
  • We provide equipment wipes, lysol wipes (although currently on back order from Amazon, lol), and hand sanitizer at the front desk.
  • While we usually encourage sharing barbells, for the time being we will try and figure out logistics to have everyone use their own barbell when possible
How You Can Help:
  • Practice common sense hygiene – please visit the or any other of the many resources describing proper cleaning practices
  • Use the wipes and hand sanitizer early and often at the gym.
  • PLEASE WIPE DOWN ANYTHING YOU TOUCH, including mats, rings, barbells, etc.
  • DON’T come to the gym if you are sick. I know that’s tough, but please consider what it could mean to others if you do and spread the virus.
  • Try and avoid hand contact with others at the gym. Substitute a high five or handshake with an elbow bump, or good ol fashioned headbutt…
Let’s stay healthy Fortius Fam!

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