Holiday Gift From CrossFit Fortius!

As thanks for trying out Fortius this year, we’re giving you a free $200 gift voucher – $20 each at all 10 Community Coalition brands!

Visit and enter your info to get a universal code:

(Make sure to indicate CROSSFIT FORTIUS as your gym!)

Your code will work at O2, Born Primitive, Four Sigmatic, and 7 other great brands with additional special offers – just in time for the holidays.

Vouchers expire 12/25

No catch, just a little holiday bonus for y’all as a thank you!

Thank you for giving Fortius a try! We hope to see you again at the gym sometime in the future!

PS: If you tried us out Pre-COVID and would like to try out another Free Week, please email and we’ll get you another free trial!

PPS: We still have several Black Friday deals still going if you would like to become a member. Please CLICK HERE for more details!

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