How to Enjoy the Holiday Season Guilt-Free

by Coach Cait Heavey
Certified Nutrition Coach, Registered Nurse

Let’s be honest, the holiday season is full of temptation of all kinds.

Lots of excuses to not get our workouts done our favorite foods that only come around once a year that desire to feel comfort in every thing that we do.

It’s also the reason most new year’s resolutions revolve around weight loss and “getting healthy”. So let’s talk about ways to navigate the holidays without completely undoing the things we have worked so hard for all year. We can enjoy ourselves and indulge in the things that really bring us joy without coming out on the other side 10lbs heavier and sucking wind with one 400 meter run.

Prioritize your indulgences. Maintain your good habits.

Most of us have an idea of what our social obligations look like during the holidays. This year things may be vastly different, but hopefully we can still find some time to celebrate with those close to us.

So think ahead, mentally inventory your social events. Which ones are you really looking forward to and which ones are you attending more out of obligation?

If you’re not somewhere that you’ve been looking forward to for days or weeks, it’s most likely not going to be worth it for you to go completely over the top with food and alcohol. If you drink soda water with lime or diet soda, or if you skip over the deserts, you most likely are not going to feel like you missed out anything the next day.

What food do you anticipate the most when the holidays roll around? Is there a special dish your mom makes at thanksgiving dinner? Are there baked goods that you only make once a year?

Put those things on your list and plan for them. You most likely know when they’re going to be available to you so work them into your calorie total for that day. It’s ok to forego a heavy breakfast or lunch in favor of enjoying something more calorie dense later in the day, or vice versa.

You should enjoy the things that are important to you, but also realize that the peanut butter cups that are available to you year round, are not that thing.

Don’t let your good habits slip:

  1. Continue to get 8-9 hours of sleep every night.
  2. Drink 100oz of water per day
  3. Eat protein with every meal.
  4. Move your body in some way every day.

Remember that the holidays happen every year, so indulge in the things that bring you really happiness and skip the things that leave you feeling sluggish and regretful the next day.

You’ll thank yourself in January. 💛

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