Let’s Talk Hydration 💧

by Cait Heavey,
Nutrition Coach

This is a lot more in-depth than “drink your water.”

💪🏻 Our bodies are approximately 60% water
💪🏻 Our bones are 22% water
💪🏻 Our muscles and brain are about 75% water
💪🏻 Our blood is 83% water

These are huge players in our overall health. We use this water for multiple tasks at every moment of every day.

This is including, but not limited to:
✨starting (catalyzing) chemical reactions (we need water inside and outside of our cells)
✨Lubricating our tissues (healthy joints need tension and bouncy cartilage)
✨regulating our body temperature (we sweat when we get too hot, and then that sweat evaporates to cool us down).

We lose water in multiple ways, the most abundant being through our urine, accounting for about 1-2 L/day.

However, we also lose water through our respiratory system at about .5L/day

There are insensible losses through our skin, which can range greatly depending on how much a person sweats, anywhere from .3L/day to 1L+/day.

Add that up: we are already a minimum of 1.8L in a deficit.

That’s 61 ounces. Just to cover the minimum loss each day, this is not for OPTIMAL health.

  • If you live in a dry climate, add an extra 8oz
  • If you exercise, add an extra 8 oz (at least)
  • If you drink an alcoholic beverage, add 2 8oz glasses

The water intake goal should be a minimum of half your body weight (lbs) in ounces.

Ideally, I like all my clients to push for 100oz per day, unless it is contraindicated for other reasons.

“If you feel thirst – you’re already behind”

Dry lips or skin? Drink more

When it comes to hydration, the most common question is when should you supplement with electrolyte replacement, BCAA’s or EAA’s?

The simple answer is you most likely don’t need to. Unless you’re training for a long endurance race or doing multiple hours of high-intensity exercise per day, plain water and a balanced diet is a great place for you to get your hydration and electrolyte replacement.

Supplementing gives you really expensive urine.

Are you drinking enough water?

Cait Heavey is a Registered Emergency Nurse and Certified Nutrition Coach. Combining her nursing and nutrition education, along with her own personal fitness journey, Cait started Brio Nutrition Coaching. Cait helps clients both in San Diego and remotely with personalized nutrition and meal plans that not only address nutrition and diet, but overall health and longevity based on her many years of experience as a front line Nurse. Visit her Instagram page @brio_nutrition_coaching for more information about her services.

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