So, What is the Best Diet Out There?

So, What is the Best Diet Out There?
Coach Miguel Sanchez

Intermittent Fasting?

With so many to choose from, which one best fits your lifestyle? On a daily basis, we get asked, what’s the best approach to nutrition, what should I follow, or what should I be eating? In other words, “What is the BEST diet?” Thinking this through, today, I would like to share the best simplistic answer. So, what is the best diet?

“I’ve been training hard 5x a week, I know coach told me to eat more protein, but there’s only so much chicken I can eat…”

“Carbs are bad, right? Are there other sources I should consider more than others?”

“I have a friend that is a vegetarian, and she is super healthy. I’m thinking of going that route. What do you think?”

“Low Fat, High Carb? Or Low Carb, High Fat?”

We get questions like these, plus more daily, but if you look closely, they’re all asking the same thing.


Truthfully, there isn’t a short answer to this question.

Like anything else, I strongly believe that there is no “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” approach.

Meaning, there is not a single ‘best diet’ out there for every person to follow.

When I first started CrossFit, I was introduced to the ZONE diet, then the Paleo diet. I followed these trends religiously. After a while, it became a bit monotonous.

Here are a few reasons why one single diet does not fit all:

  1. Body type: we all are built differently. Some of us are tall and thin. Others are vertically challenged and stocky.
  2. Diet preferences and possible diet restrictions: We have protein lovers that love their meats daily. Then we have those that don’t eat meat at all.
  3. Budget: We work with people with an unlimited budget for food, and we have those that come to us with a limited budget.
  4. Natural Approach/Conventional: We work with some that eat only boxed and packaged foods. And others that only eat natural, whole foods.
  5. Nutrition Knowledge: We meet those that have some background knowledge due to school or experiences. And we work with people who have very little nutrition insight.
  6. Time: We work with those who have a lot of free time to work on health and fitness goals. And we work with those who are very limited on time.

If you really think about this, it’d be challenging to help individuals improve their nutrition if we fixated on the idea of a single nutrition approach.

So what’s the secret?

Circumstances change, we change, lifestyles change.

I say this to point this out: We believe that if a particular diet once worked for you, at that point of your life, then it worked for that season of your life.


Consistency and sustainability is the GOLDEN TICKET. ALL DIETS work!

Reasons being:

  1. We learn what works and what doesn’t.
  2. All diets raise nutrition attention and awareness.

I’ve been working with a client for the last two months, and she told me that one of the major things she noticed is her energy levels. She became aware that she wasn’t eating enough. She would snack here and there, genuinely unaware and unconscious of the decisions she was making with food. Quality of food became the main focus.

“Paleo and low-carbers advocate for more natural, free-range, animal-based foods that are higher in protein, fat, and minimally processed.”

“Vegan and high-carbers push for a more natural, plant-based, antioxidant-rich diet that is also minimally processed..”

See a common trend there?

They both want us to eat LESS PROCESSED FOOD.

Every “DIET” recommends MORE whole foods, less or zero processed foods.

Main focus: INTAKE

You are either eating more or less, with the results being maintaining health, gaining weight, or losing weight.

In summary, we focus on:

  1. Finding the best approach that best fits you and your lifestyle
  2. Most diets have one thing in common: Focus on real food, not boxed food.
  3. Creating sustainable, good habits is the best approach over the “best diet” approach.


If you need help understanding what you need and what’s appropriate for you, Fortius is in your corner! Shoot us an email and we can help you bring your nutrition game up to the level of your workout game!

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