Sport Massage for CrossFitters, Explained

By Coach Miguel Sanchez

Massages are great, I mean – who doesn’t like a good massage? However, for both recreational and Competitive CrossFitters, sports massage is almost essential in keeping your body healthy and mobile.

There are many types of massage, all having their specific merits. For the purposes of this post, we are speaking specifically on Sport Massage – as it has the most direct benefit for most CrossFitters and active athletes alike.

Before we dive into the different kinds and benefits, here are the two most important goals of a sports massage:

  1. To assist the individual in achieving and maintain peak performance
  2. Support healing of any restrictions, such as, tension, injuries, etc.

So let’s say you are about to compete in a CrossFit-style competition, at any level. Here is a breakdown of the when and why massage can take your performance to the next level. And this isn’t just for competitors, you can apply this to your regular recreational fitness regimen as well to help keep you injury-free, which allows you to keep working out and staying healthy!


Sports massage is great for pre-event, or before any competition. This type of massage is very specific to the athlete’s needs, that caters to the sport they are participating in. Goal here is to make sure individual feels great physically. The approach compliments the athletes warm up, and enhances circulation, light, comforting and quick. This approach is anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes.

INTER-COMPETITION (In Between events/heats)

During a competition like CrossFit, in between workouts, the body goes through stress. And depending on the athlete, sometimes past injuries and/or aches can come up and at times change performance for the worse. Doing a short, yet specific approach, general massage, helps affected area in the body to sustain further activity. Quick stretch and massage to get you ready for next heat! This approach is anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.


This is more extensive, this is now a recovery massage. Post-even massage can be done immediately after individual has finished the day, or days after if necessary. We are now able to spend more time on the body, working on over used muscles that need support to heal. This approach is to help avoid any aches and pains that comes with delayed soreness. This massage is more extensive and is usually anywhere from 35 to 90 minutes (typically the traditional 60 minute block).

There are major benefits for those individuals that love to compete as explained above, but it’s not only for competitors! Sports massage is great for every and any individual that is active. Benefits include:

  1. Overall general health and circulation
  2. Helps keep your joints healthy and muscles recover that much quicker
  3. Is a great approach for individuals who may not like stretching or mobilizing for themselves
  4. Promotes a injury-prevention routine by helping you move better and more efficiently

Especially for those who partake in a workout regime like CrossFit, we use our entire body in different ways that can cause major soreness, but with an active routine to hydrate well, eat well, and recover well through sleep and regular massage – we can continue to enjoy your exercise routine with no restrictions.

The name of the game is to stay injury-free. Injuries are the ultimate enemy of motivation and habits, as it is both mentally and physically debilitating to be forced to stop being active due to one. All the work and gains you have made can be wiped out (or at least set back a bit) due to an injury. So let’s make the #1 priority staying injury-free but making sure you stretch, mobilize, sleep well, eat well, and incorporate regular massage into your routine.

Coach Miguel offers his Sport Massage service right at the gym, for a discounted rate for Fortius members. Email him today for a consultation and to schedule a massage!

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