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The Fortius Difference

  • Over 45 years of coaching experience
  • 2 Locations (San Diego and San Ysidro)
  • 12,000 sq ft of training space (Main facility)
  • San Diego’ s largest Olympic lifting program
  • Proven results and injury prevention
  • Programs for both competitive and recreational CrossFitters

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Got 3 hours a week? With our innovative CrossFit and weight training programs, wonderful group atmosphere, and expert coaches – 3 hours a week is all you need to get in the best shape of your life, make new friends, and become part of a fun and friendly community.

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Reviews from our Fortius Family

This CrossFit gym is as good as it gets. The coaches are experienced and care about keeping their members injury free. Plus, I am the fittest I’ve ever been thanks to their programming. I’ve been to several CF gyms across the country, and Fortius is by far the best gym I’ve been to. After being a member for two years, I can honestly say that these guys are the real deal. If you are looking to try out CrossFit or wanting to check out another box, Fortius is the place to go.

Eric S.

San Diego, CA

What can you expect?  I joined/participate in the crossfit side of the house.  They also offer an Olympic lifting membership.  I was nervous about joining a crossfit gym.  I heard all the cultish rumors and stories of injury.  Turns out, it kicks ass.  It is a great combination of Strength, Stamina, Skill and Conditioning.  Each workout starts with ample time to warm up and get stretched out, followed by a “skill session” where you practice skills related to crossfit, followed by a strength section (the only part I am good at) and you finish off with the actual workout of the day or WOD.

Tom C.

La Jolla, CA

Thinking about trying CrossFit in the new year? I highly recommend CrossFit Fortius! In full disclosure, I’m a 58 year old woman. They have workouts for all athletic levels and offer a full week free to try it out. Can’t beat that! I’ve enjoyed exercise all my life, but never joined a gym – until now.

Their coaching is TOP NOTCH. They care about what you need and how you’re doing it. The gym and equipment is clean, safe, and constantly being upgraded. The folks that workout there are terrific and supportive. They have many classes, plenty of parking, and long hours – come in when it’s convenient for you!

Diane N.

San Diego, CA